01. The young couple [strolled] around the park, hand in hand.
02. My parents like to go out for a [stroll] in the evening after supper.
03. We saw strange lights in the sky when we were out [strolling], but it turned out to be a light show downtown.
04. Would you like to go for a [stroll] around the Inner Harbor with me this afternoon?
05. The park was empty except for a couple of [strollers], and a family having a picnic.
06. Let's put the baby in the [stroller], and take her down to feed the ducks in the park.
07. We took a [stroll] around the city, but avoided all the tourist traps.
08. The young family [strolled] around the park, happy to be out in the fresh air.
09. My girlfriend and I love to [stroll] down by the water on a windy day when the waves are crashing on the beach.
10. We visited a tiny little town in Yugoslavia where the usual activity in the evening seemed to be for all the townspeople to [stroll] up and down the main street, greeting friends and neighbors, and chatting.
11. A popular pastime on the island of Malta is [strolling] along the waterfront, chatting with friends.
12. An afternoon [stroll] can take you around the entire country of Monaco.
13. We spent the afternoon [strolling] through the elegant 18th century town of Bath.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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